OISE Young Learner’s Marketing Is Built on Lies

OISE prides itself as having operated since 1975, with a focus to instil thorough English reform on challenged students. You’d expect that a company like that would have transitioned itself over 40 plus years to providing the best services to both its students and staff. OISE has employed one of the best marketing gimmicks to make sure they hook you before your money goes down the drain. Students are holed up in poor living conditions and teachers can only think of this as a part-time career. The school has completely lost all focus. Or maybe it didn’t have any focus to begin with.

The students can’t get any peace from their rigorous learning curve seeing as they live in hostels that are built for animals. The school has an exponential profit return margin and it is impossible to understand why the school doesn’t build better facilities for its staff and learners. What does OISE do with all its profit? Does it remit it back to a foreign country? Why are there so many Russians in the teaching and learning fraternity? A parent is sending their child to a foreign country to learn intensive English. One would expect that the child would be allowed to thrive in an ecosystem that encourages the use of English. No. What you get is a lot of Russian. For all the cash they demand with claims that your child will be a master English savant, parents sure do get the raw end of the deal here.

One needs to remember that most of these parents send their children to prepare them for colleges which need them to earn good English. These children are from countries which don’t have English as their primary or native language. The study regime employed is rigorous. Why aren’t the children being given a good place to rest after such difficult study? What’s surprising is the fact these students perform well in cases. This can be attributed to the teachers who are usually a great source of inspiration in as much as they go through difficulty themselves. Granted, most of them are not as qualified as OISE would like people to imagine, but they do a fairly proper job of dealing with these students who in many cases are usually difficult.

Folks have complained about why the school charges so much and is located in one of the best parts of London, yet its buildings are some of the worst in any school district. Why can’t they dedicate resources to build better hostels and facilities for their students, with a profit margin that is grossly exponential? It needs to be said that OISE’s high staff turnover is due to its inability to pay any attention to the needs of both learners and teachers. Staff is paid on the hourly-wage basis and this figure is less than $15. This can’t even cover your basic expenses if totalled to salary. OISE should strive to do better.

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